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Window Tinting

Tinting windows in cars has many different purposes and benefits. The most popular reason when choosing this service today is still pure improvement in aesthetics. Cars with tinted windows are considered much more elegant than those with standard clear glass.

Privacy, security and safety! You will definitely enjoy a lot more privacy in your vehicle when choosing darker films. It will also make it much more difficult for thieves to see if you keep anything valuable inside of your car. Window tinting film applied to the glass makes it harder to break in, apart from that it can help hold shattered pieces of glass together during road incidents, saving passengers from any additional harm.

Our film is over 99% effective when blocking harmful UV rays that can lead to skin cancer, premature aging and damage in skin cells. For this reason car window tinting grows in popularity among parents who very often travel with small children in their vehicles.

Tinted windows reduce the sun glare, minimizing eye strain, it can be a huge relief especially for those with sensitive to light eyes. Thanks to rejection of solar radiation heat, you can also expect lower than usual temperatures inside of your vehicle during sunny days in the summer.

Our film offers 5 different shades of black, defined by percentage of visible light transmittance (VLT), starting from our darkest - commonly called a limo black shade, which lets through only 5% of the visible light. Next is dark 20% VLT followed by medium 35%, light 50% to the lightest option with only 70% VLT.

There is no legal restrictions when it comes to tinting all rear windows in any car, unfortunately it is not the same for front driver and passenger doors or front windshield, there are legal limitations in place which make tinting these windows possible only for recreational or showroom purposes (off road cars, car shows etc) when car is not being driven on public roads.

For latest information about window tinting laws please visit:

Window Tinting


The only legal option for front windows. Different cool colours to choose from.

Window Tinting

Private Cars

Any kind of make, model and year of the car.

Window Tinting

Tail Light Tinting

Apart from improving aesthetics it also helps to protect from minor scratches.

Window Tinting

Large Vehicles

We can tint any size of glass in van or small truck.

tinting Shades

5 Shades of Black

Choose whatever is best for your individual needs.

Window Tinting

Front Windows

Not road legal. Showroom and off-road purposes only.

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