Full Vehicle Vinyl Wraps in Belfast

Vinyl Wrapping application

Vinyl Wrapping

Wrapping parts or entire vehicles with vinyl is a very popular way of changing their appearance. Vinyl industry today offers an incredibly wide selection of different colours, finishes and even textures.

Prior to application it can be cut to any kinds of shapes which gives ability to create custom designs. It is also possible to print entirely custom graphics and images onto specially designed vinyl for digital printing which ultimately removes any limitations for customising the looks of your car. All this gives a lot of room for creativity to make sure your car stands out on the road.

Due to its durability, vinyl wrap is a great choice for long term visual modifications to your car. Its lifetime ranges from 7 to 12 years depending on type or brand. During this time it can be easily removed with correct procedures, just like any other sticker, just in case you get bored and want to try something else or simply want to sell the car and the new owner prefers a standard look.

Additionally, paintwork covered with vinyl is protected from light scratches, weather conditions and staining.

Car Wrapping

Full Body Wrap

Choose from many different colours and finishes to transform your car the way you like.

Car Wrapping

Custom Design Wrap

It gives you a lot of room to make sure your car looks unique and gets a lot of attention.

Car Wrapping

Partial Wrap

If it's a single panel or part of your car - we got you covered!

Finishing Details

Finishing Details

Fins, spoilers, skirts, splitters, mirrors and any type of body kits to make sure all fits together to the slightest detail.

Car Wrapping

Chrome Delete

We can cover almost every kind of chrome trims to give a very elegant stealth look.

Car Wrapping

Interior Trim Wrap

Apart of improved aesthetics it also protects surfaces from scratches.

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